The Willows


A tranquil place in the central highlands of Tasmania

Our goats live on a 51 acre property where they are allowed to range free for periods through out the year to give them access to a wide range of forage. We don’t ever allow them into the house garden as there are many plants which can be toxic to goats and we prefer to keep them away from any possible danger.

They normally live in a well fenced paddock with a permanent shelter. Goats don’t mind rain and they don’t mind wind, but if it’s raining and windy they’ll run for cover.

Feet are trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks and the herd is drenched every 6 weeks.  We also like to vaccinate the goats each year but it’s a good idea to consult your vet for the best treatments in your area.

We also give our goats a good feed of goat pellets or meal with a mineral supplement and a good helping of chaff every few days depending on the feed on the ground and the time of year.

The goats love apples and other fresh fruit and vegetables – but they also love apple trees so be sure to keep them away from anything they could wreck.

New mums are given a day or two of peace with their new born babes away from the rest of the herd to allow them to bond with the kids and not worry about the prying noses of the other does. At this time the boys are separated off and kept in a paddock of their own. 

There is a lot of great literature around on care and management of your goats and we would recommend you read all you can and ask advice from other goat breeders and owners. We do what we believe is right for our goats on our property but different places and goats require different management regimes.

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